Throughout the year we host a variety of events:

  • The Merseyside Draft League (throughout the year)
  • Spring Tune-up (late April)
  • Bi-monthly Skills Sessions (link to follow)
  • Inter-Schools Cup

Want to give Ultimate a go? For absolutely everyone, from people who’ve never heard of ultimate frisbee to international superstars, our draft league offers a chance to play weekly during set seasons. It provides a chance to get to know the sport, compete, and meet new people in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere

Bimonthly Skills Sessions

For those who’ve played before and want to up their game, our bimonthly skills sessions are run by some of the finest coaches the country has to offer. They provide a comprehensive set of information relevant, from fundamental skill clinics to seminars and practicals in strength&conditioning, sports psychology and nutrition, all with the aim of improving your ultimate game.

Northern Winter League (Hopefully)