Our annual Goaltimate Tournament

  • Info for 2018 will be available soon!
  • 4-players on the line, at least one of each gender
  • teams capped at 6 players
  • games are to 20mins
  • like to throw scoobers, no looks, lefty hammers, and between-the-legs? This is the game for you.


Any questions? Shoot us an email: merseyside.ultimate@gmail.com

Don’t know how to play Goaltimate? Here’s a quick run-down..

Goaltimate follows the same as the WFDF rules of Ultimate. The only changes are:

  • the stall is 6-10
  • to score you throw the disc through the vertical hoop and have it caught by a team-mate standing somewhere within the semi-cicle zone described by cones on the floor
  • if you score, you keep possession, playing from one of the front corners of the hoop
  • after any score or any turn, you must clear
  • to clear you pass the disc over the line of cones about 40m back from the goal
  • throw the disc the wrong way through the hoop? = turnover
  • throw through the hoop the right way but catch it outside the scoring zone? no score, continue on offence.
  • throw from behind the clear line and score = 2 points!