Merseyside Disc Leagues


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Welcome to Merseyside Disc Leagues!

Merseyside Ultimate Club (MUC) run recreational league, through four “seasons” throughout the year. One in the autumn-winter period (indoor), another in the winter-spring period (indoor), a spring-summer season (outdoor-grass) and a late summer season (outdoor-beach).

To take part in a Disc League, keep an eye on our Disc Leagues Facebook page for details announced ahead of each season!

What is the draft pick?

To help people understand the draft league we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

First and foremost, the draft is a method for us to assign individuals who want to take part in the league, to a team. Secondly, the evening is an opportunity to mix and mingle with other ultimate players in Merseyside.

The captains for the season will sift through everyone’s not-so-serious player profiles and pick players in rounds to ensure balanced teams. Each team will have a mix of men and women, experienced and inexperienced, casual and club, university and alumni. There’s an option to be assigned without getting picked in rounds- so don’t worry about that bit, especially if you’re not that experienced.

Who will the league be for?

The league will be played as loose-mixed which means each team is expected to have at least one of each gender playing each point. Teams won’t be required to match for gender, but are encouraged.

The league will of course record teams wins, draws and losses throughout the season. However the league will be suitable for, and welcoming of, new players. Teams will be rewarded for their inclusion with bonus points called “boss points”. Including big bonuses for signing up new players to their team during the season.

Ultimate is a self-officiated game and relies on the ethos of Spirit of the Game for this to be success. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the agreed upon rules, or the basic joy of play.

Where will the league be held?

This varies from season to season. All previous league seasons have been held at the excellent facilities of Greenbank Sports Academy, in Mossley Hill. Our upcoming season, spring-summer will likely be outdoor, so more details of that will be announced nearer the time

How many games a night will I have?
Each team will have two games in an evening. When teams are not playing they can socialise in the Greenbank Bar or watch from the sideline.

Can someone join in later in the season?

Experienced players are preferred to register through the league. Inexperienced players (played for less than 6 months) can sign up at the start of the night and be assigned to a team, or play with the team that brings them along.

How much will it cost?
The leagues will typically cost around £3 per night, or an option to pay for all weeks up front at a small discount. This price is liable to change depending on venue and other factors.

Players must also be members of Merseyside Ultimate Club which is £5 for the year and they must have at least basic membership of UK Ultimate to ensure they have personal insurance to play Ultimate, which is £5 for the year. New players don’t need MUC or UKU membership for their first go.

Where can I sign up?!
Registration will posted about in advance on this page, and our Facebook page ahead of the new season

Can I be a captain?
When you sign up for a season of Draft League, if you’d like to captain a team just shoot us an email at and put in your bid! Captaincy requires no previous experience, just a desire to interact with your new team.


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